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Vaping 101 - How to get started
Vaping 101 - How to get started
comments : 0 Date : 29 Dec 2017

Vaping 101 - How to get started

The E-cigarette industry has grown massively in the last few years, and with it the products available. While an increase in choice is surely no bad thing, it does mean it has become a little confusing for would-be vapers, you may find yourself asking "what is the difference between VG and PG" or "What are ohms?"

Well before we get into any of that, let's start with the basics.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) VS Direct Lung (DL)

Simply put these terms are used to describe how you inhale your vapor. 

If you're just getting started chances are you've just come off or are planning to come off cigarettes, the way in which you inhale smoke from a cigarette is first into the mouth, then down into the lungs, before exhaling (aka mouth to lung). 

On the other hand if you've been vaping for a while and are looking for a different experience, whether it be more vapor production or simply a more powerful "hit" then you might be looking at using a device for direct lung inhalation, that's where sub ohming comes in...

What is Sub Ohming?

When you push electricity through a conductor (in this particular instance a coil), it meets resistance, resistance is measured in Ohms (Ω). Therein, sub ohming refers to using a device that is running a coil lower than 1.0ohms. It is commonplace now a days to see many prebuilt coils running at a resistance below 1.0, and you may well find yourself confused as to what exactly this means for you, the end user.

The lower your ohms the more wattage is required to heat your coils and the more heat produced by your coils, the greater the production of vapor.

If you like denser, warmer vapor with a more fulfilling lung hit, sub ohming is the way to go... BUT (and there is always a but) it's not without its downsides; due to the increased wattage being pushed through your coils, your batteries will drain at a much faster rate. You may also find yourself going through E-liquid faster as the cotton (or whatever wicking material your particular coil uses) soaks up even more liquid to keep up with the increased power.

So now we've established the difference between MTL & DL we can consider the other factors that will determine what device is right for you.

Prebuilt VS Rebuildable

There are two types of tanks those that are prebuilt and those that are rebuildable.

If you're just getting started you're going to be looking at prebuilt. 

But what do I mean by prebuilt?

Prebuilt refers to the coil within the tank, if you're buying coils for your tank. it's prebuilt.

There are hundreds of prebuilt coils out there for hundreds of different tanks so it's important you buy the correct coil for your tank. Most manufactures will sell several different types of coil for one tank, so the determining factor here is wattage. Manufacturers may (for example) sell 3 different coils for your tank, these could range from 0.2ohms to 1.8ohms. Picking the right coil is crucial to getting what you want out of your tank. Thankfully most manufacturers have made this easy for you, the vast majority of coils will state either on the packet or on the coil itself the best wattage for the coils to be run at.

A 1.8ohm coil might be best run at 11w-15w for example, while a 0.2ohm coil might run best at 100w-120w.

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