• Kilo - 60ml
  • Kilo - 60ml
  • Kilo - 60ml
  • Kilo - 60ml
  • Kilo - 60ml
  • Kilo - 60ml
  • Kilo - 60ml
  • Kilo - 60ml

Kilo - 60ml

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60ML Bottle of E-Liquid
VG: 70% | PG: 30%


Tru Blu

The smooth flavours of custard and blueberries.


Blends of Honeydew Melons and Mixed Berries, with smooth notes of Cream for a finish.

A fruity blend of Strawberry, Kiwi, with notes of Yoghurt to finish.


Moo Series

Cereal Milk

A delicious blend of Sugar and Fruit Cereal, along with Milk.

Strawberry Milk

Delivers the rich, creamy taste of your favourite fresh strawberry milkshake.

Banana Milk

Delivers the rich, creamy taste of your favourite fresh banana milkshake.

Vanilla Almond Milk 
Delivers the rich, creamy taste of your favourite fresh vanilla and almond milkshake.

Neapolitan Milk: A crafted blend of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream to give you a creamy rich vape of Neapolitan.

Coffee Milk
A rendition of freshly brewed, warm coffee with the perfect amount of vanilla and creamy milk.

Blueberry Milk

A well crafted smooth mixture of ripe blueberries blended into refreshing, creamy cold milk.


Black Series by Kilo

With a very well-regarded range already under their belt, Kilo have released their Black Series range of dessert e-Liquid; even more luxurious and premium than before!

Apple Pie

A uniquely crafted version of the iconic Apple Pie, Kilo Black Series brings us vaping excellence, with a nostalgic experience to satisfiy those with an insatiable sweet tooth. Caramelized Apples mixed with lightly spiced Cinnamon, and then folded into a flaky pastry crust. 

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake eLiquid from Kilo Black Series is a classic yellow sponge cake layered with a smooth creamy sugared frosting, and finally topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Honey Crème

Honey Creme e-Liquid from Kilo Black Series is a tasty and smooth vape experience, featuring rich Vanilla bean Ice Cream, drizzled with sweet Honey, and topped wtih roasted Nuts to finish.

Milk and Cookies

Milk and Cookies by Kilo Black Series is a simple flavour for our simple joys in life. It features a classic Chocolate Chip Cookie dunked into a glass of cold Milk, it's a simple as that!



White Series by Kilo

With many well-regarded e-Liquids already under their belt, Kilo's White Series range of e-Liquids are the dessert antithesis to the very popular Black Series range!

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls eLiquid by Kilo White Series features a blend of warm and soft Cinnamon Roll pastry delectably finished with creamy Glaze flavours.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich eLiquid by Kilo White Series features a desserty mix of Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiched between two Chocolate Cookies.

Marshmallow Crisp

Marshmallow Crisp eLiquid by Kilo White Series features a blend of gooey, sticky, sweet Marshmallows mixed with crisp Cereal for a sweet and crunchy taste.

White Chocolate Strawberry

White Chocolate Strawberry e-Liquid by Kilo White Series is characterized by a blend of fresh Strawberry flavours generously dunked in creamy White Chocolate.

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Purchased kilo dewberry, kiberry,honey creme and cuttwood boss reserve. Impeccable service and prices.
Communication from seller and courier was clear and prompt. All shortfills came with nic shot , all packaged faultlessly and arrived in good time. Keep up the good work discounte-liquid


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